Ella B. Photography | Why Lil' Angels?

Why will you love using Lil' Angels for your school day portraits? We have lots of reasons that you will love us!


  • We take our time with your students.

Your students look forward to picture day and so do we! We want them to have a great time and make sure we get a genuine smile. Nothing is better than being silly together.


  • We respond quickly and positively to your parents' questions and requests.

There are very few requests that we cannot accommodate. We hope to make your job easier by keeping your parents as happy as possible.


  • You have Eddie's cell phone number.

And so do your parents! And we respond to your emails quickly, too!


  • We are the owners and can make quick decisions for you and customize to your needs.

Need class pictures? Sure! Staff pictures? Great! A collage for your center? We would love to!


  • We like to give back to our schools!

A portion of every sale is given back to our schools as a fundraiser. After all, picture day is fun!


  • We give back to the community.

Every season, we choose a charity to give back to. One that touches the lives of our family, friends, and clients.


  • We offer freebies to your parents.

From free touch ups to bonus deals, we try to go above and beyond while keeping pricing competitive!


  • We love kids.

And we love those smiles:)


  • We bring staff to help.

Extra staff helps us to move through your students efficiently while allowing us to take our time with each one. They allow us to keep faces clean, hair combed, and clothes straightened.


  • We comb hair and wipe faces.

No one likes boogers in a close-up!


  • We touch up every portrait for free before the parents even see it.

My kids always get that bug bite on their face the night before picture day. No worries, we will fix that right up. We also try to fix any oopsies that inevitably happen while washing hands or eating snacks.


  • We are detail oriented.

We want parents to treasure these portraits for years to come! The details make a good portrait great, from the pose to the clothes.


  • We have systems in place to make everything easier!

We send you signs ahead of time, we keep track of portrait sessions using rosters, we deliver our proofs by class so that you can easily hand them out, we can take orders through email or over the phone, and we check all orders for accuracy before delivering them to the school!


  • We are a local business and really appreciate working with you.

Eddie and I live in Woodstock with our kids and we love seeing your students around town. We appreciate your feedback.


  • We offer the parents a great product.

All of our products are created through a professional photo lab. We are professional photographers and value the quality of our portraits. Current backdrops, posing, and lighting are keystones to our programs. We offer lots of poses just like your parents want. Parents are thrilled with the quality of our products and cannot believe that we are a "school photographer".